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LearningMethods :
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s'adresse-t-il ?
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apprendre ?

Was ist LearningMethods? (in Deutsch)
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Read what people have said about how the work helped them
Read in their own words what people have said about how the work has helped them change.

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LearningMethods Publications and how to order them
Body Moveable
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LearningMethods Publications and how to order them
  The Body Moveable, the ideal anatomy atlas/text
by David Gorman -
a beautiful 600-page
illustrated volume
on our human
structure & function



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Locations of some recent and current workshops:

Descriptions of some
specific courses
about our human

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Articles in English

Les articles en Français

Older articles in English - mostly Alexander Technique related

Babette Lightner
 Ben Kreilkamp
Ann Penistan
Rebecca Frost
Eillen Sellam
Julia Gilroy

Bodil Rummelhoff


Links to Alexander Technique sites:

The Complete AT site
Alexander Technique
International (ATI)




A workshop about
A workshop to help performers be free
of stage fright, judgment, tension,
pain and injury;
as well as how to engage your in-built learning system to make skill acquisition (practice & rehearsal) easy, fast and fun

structure & function:

A workshop about our marvelous human design and function
A workshop on our
miraculous human design — whole, integrated and organized for free & effortless movement

A workshop about 
              experiencing the freedom of support and balance
A practical workshop about experiencing
the freedom
of support
and balance
in activity

  Posture-The Great Rump
  Wouldn't Start From Here
  Patterns of Joy
  Once Lost... Now Found
  By Intention Alone
  Floating in Sea of Tissue
  Opposite of Perfect
  Bearable Lightness
  Golf in Mind
  Back to the Music
  Good For Whom?
  Beyond The Body
  Confessions of a Do-er
  Coordination of Being
  Is Experience the Truth?
  How to Know What's Right
  CJCS Radio Interview
  A Remarkable Encounter
  Ask the Right Questions
  Learning Shame
  Coordination of Bliss
  Interview - David Gorman
  A Fact and a Question
  Losing Weight
  Fail is Hard, Learn is Easy
  On The Virtues
  On Auditioning
  Fear of Heights
  The Violinist
  The Rounder We Go
  Belief Systems & Learning

  Bon pour qui ?
  Habitudes circulaires
  Perdre du poids
  La peur du vide
  La violoniste
  Retour la musique


Artiklar på Svenska
  Cirklar fungerar
  Försöka spela bättre

Artikel auf Deutsch
 Kreis Gewohnheiten



Most of the articles
on the site are also available as e-books which you can download and pass around to others...


 Thinking on Thinking
    On Fitness
    Alextech Debate
    In Our Own Image:
       #1   #2   #3  #4
       #5   #6   #7  #8
    On a Masterclass

Les vieux articles en français
   Réflexions sur
    Être en Forme

    Donnez vie a votre







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