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      Upcoming Workshops and Events
      with David Gorman


 — The Yoga of Wholeness & Ashtanga Yoga retreat
     Learn how to take your yoga (and your yoga teaching) to a whole
     new level — 2 weeks (dates are not yet confirmed):
       August 16th - 21st
, and August 23rd - 30th, 2015
 (you can do one week or for maximum benefit do both weeks)

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KADERMO / HANKO — 2 weeks — August 16-21, and 23-30, 2015

Teaching on a Yoga Retreat on a beautiful Finnish island in the ocean

Open to anyone

These 2 weeks (Sunday August 16th to Friday August 30nd) take place in The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, lead by yoga master, Stefan Engström. The retreats normally take only a small group of students to be able to create a nice close-knit group and a family atmosphere. The retreat is located on the island of Kadermo about 10 km north east of Hanko (see map here) — a beautiful and almost untouched island with no shops or cars and hardly any other people.

This is a unique opportunity to experience yoga in untouched and idyllic surroundings far away from city lights where sunrise is at 4 am and sunset at 11 pm. Where else can one listen to such silence, broken only by the sound of an owl hooting in the night, a woodpecker hacking away at a pine tree, seagulls squalling, a deer crying in the morning mist?  This is the place where you can re-establish contact with nature and your true self. Come and move into stillness with us.

David will be teaching each day on this retreat and will:

  — help you understand your marvellous human design and function,
  — guide you to gain a more centred balance and flexible support,
  — work with you to improve the freedom, ease and safety of your yoga work, 
  — show you how to go about your yoga to gain strength and stamina without hard work,
  — help you to become more present and free of distracting thoughts and judgement,
  — show you how wholeness and grace is a consequence of clarity of intention,
  — and whatever else comes up from each of you in the course of the retreat...

See complete description of the course and enrolment details here



David GormanDavid Gorman has become widely known for his innovative and unique approach to making our human functioning understandable, relevant and fascinating. In 1980 he published a 600-page illustrated text on human structure and function called The Body Moveable, now in its 5th edition, and in 1996 a collection of articles and essays, Looking At Ourselves (now in its 2nd edition, available as a print book or as an e-book).

David has been helping people make sense of and improve how they function as well as recover from injury since the mid-70s. He has taught the Alexander Technique since the late 70's and trained Alexander teachers until 1997 when his new LearningMethods work began to evolve from his discoveries.

He teaches private workshops, and at numerous universities, conservatories, circus schools, yoga and fitness centres, etc. where he helps faculty and students alike learn how to use the work for themselves and how to teach others. He is training a growing number of teachers in the LearningMethods work, many of whom are also teaching the LearningMethods work at conservatories and universities.

David is now writing another book covering the material of this workshop, parts of which will soon be available in e-book and print format.

More information about the retreat is on the Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat web site

Contact for more information and registration:
        Stefan Engström
        Tel: +358-(0)40-5029811
The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Sandö Ström, 10900 Hanko, Finland

    Telephone: +1 416-519-5470      78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, ON  M9P 1V7  Canada  (map)

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