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Standing on Top of the World
A 2 to 4 day workshop on experiencing the freedom of support and balance
Developed and taught by David Gorman


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      "We need look no further than ourselves
to see a miracle every day!"
(Babette Lightner, LearningMethods Teacher)

Your most precious birthright?

... Having a centered support on the earth at every moment — without which it is impossible to have wholeness and ease, impossible to have the presentness and the freedom to respond openly and easily in everything you do.

This workshop helps you claim that heritage...

Description of the Course

Support and balance are the two sides of our most fundamental moment-to-moment relationship with the planet. If you are like most people, you are probably going about your daily life in an uncentered and ungrounded support without realizing it. You may not feel particularly out of support or off-balance, but you are probably feeling the inevitable results—the holding yourself up and sense of weight and working against 'gravity'—that lead to ongoing tensions and effort. This not only wastes enormous energy but all-too-often causes chronic and progressive damage.

It is your birthright to have the poise and grace that come with balanced and supported movement. Without this, your best efforts at freedom and ease will always be undermined, and your sense of calmness and presentness will be lost to you.

This workshop is designed to help you claim that heritage.

The workshop comprises a series of demonstrations and explanations which have been developed over the last 15 years by David Gorman to teach you, in a very practical and experiential way, the principles of support and balance and how to live them in everything you do.

These simple practical demonstrations will clearly show you through your own experiences the benefits of freedom and ease this knowledge gives you.

Collectively, they will also refine your ability to be in touch with your own system's signals about your support and orientation feedback that will become second nature in guiding you and telling you what you need to know in order to be grounded, whole and easy, present and free to respond each moment of your life.

Everyone... after all, we all live and work in relation to gravity and the planet — why not make it a friendly and cooperative relationship rather than one of struggle and effort? 

The workshop is especially valuable for actors, dancers, musicians, athletes, as well as teachers of body-work, movement, etc. For teachers, the workshop is, at one and the same time, a practical way to learn this knowledge for yourself, as well as to learn how to go about teaching it to others while adapting it in your own way to your own teaching style.

The 2 days of the workshop progress through the series of step-by-step demonstrations in a natural sequence, each one giving an experience and an explanation of a fundamental principle then leading on naturally to the next step. 

In this way the series builds through daily life activities — standing, reaching, walking, bending, sitting and standing up, lifting, squatting, etc. — showing how to recognize when you are supported and when you're not, highlighting the resulting freedom and ease of operating in support and balance, as well as the problems and symptoms when you are habitually out of support.

AUDIO RECORDING AVAILABLE: If you cannot attend an upcoming workshop, there is also an online video course of this material recorded live from recent presentations. The series of demonstrations is clearly explained and the questions from students and answers help deepen the understanding. More details.


David Gorman has become widely known for his innovative and unique approach to making our human functioning  under­standable, relevant and fascinating. In 1980 he published a 600-page illustrated text on human structure and function called The Body Moveable (now in its 6th edition) and in 1998 another book, Looking At Ourselves (now in its 2nd edition) as well as many articles and essays

David has been helping people make sense out how they function since the mid-1970s. He has taught the Alexander Technique since 1978 and trained Alexander teachers in London from 1988 to 1997 when he formally began his new LearningMethods work developed over many years from his discoveries. He is now writing another book covering the material of this workshop and the Anatomy of Wholeness workshop.

He teaches private workshops, at conservatories and for conferences as well as training teachers in the LearningMethods work. The work is now being integrated into the curriculum of many schools and colleges in Europe and North America.

Read more about David's discoveries of our elastic spring-loaded suspension system.


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