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  Links to various LM Payment Pages


If you need to make a payment for a LearningMethods session or class, or one of the LM Online groups, for a recording, or if you need to pay your LM Teacher Licence fee or LM Apprentice-Teacher fee, etc. below are links to the pages you need:

Payments for LM Online groups, LM classes or workshops:

   —  for LearningMethods Online — Streaming Courses

   —  for LearningMethods Online — Streaming Courses (extensions)

   —  for LearningMethods Online — Regular Live Groups

   —  for a LearningMethods In-person Class or Phone/Online Session

   —  for LearningMethods workshops - see the specific workshop pages for links

Payments for LearningMethods Publications Items:

   —  for a LearningMethods Publication book or e-book

   —  for a recording of a LearningMethods class, workshop you attended

   —  for publishing permissions — pay preparation fees for the images

Bulk or pre-arranged payments for LearningMethods publications:

   —  for a bulk order or a pre-arranged payment for LearningMethods publications

Payments for LM Teacher or LM Apprentice-Teacher dues:

   —  for the annual LM Teacher Trademark Licence fee

   —  for the annual LM Apprentice-Teacher fee


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