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All titles are in English unless otherwise stated.


  Books (print editions) — see downloadable e-books farther below

The Body Moveable  (6th edition 2014)
by David Gorman (2014) hardcover book published in three versions (a single-volume version with colour interior, a single-volume version with black & white interior, and a three-volume version with black & white interior), 652 pages

Looking at Ourselves - Exploring and Evolving in the Alexander Technique
by David Gorman (2012) paperback, 2nd edition (colour and black & white versions), 176 pages

   Downloadable eBooks

e-Books  (books to buy in PDF format):

Looking at Ourselves — Exploring and Evolving in the Alexander Technique
by David Gorman (2nd edition, 2012)   176 pages, 18 articles and essays including 2 new bonus articles, 26 colour illustrations,

In Our Own Image — A Series of 8 Articles on our Human Design & Function
by David Gorman (2013, extracted from "Looking At Ourselves", 2nd ed.)  81 pages, 8 articles, 12 colour illustrations

Articles in e-book format  (these are completely FREE to download and read the whole book):
    listed in date order, newest first

    Good for Whom? - Elizabeth Garren (2007)

    Beyond The Body - Babette Lightner (2007)

    Coordination of Being - Conducting - Babette Lightner (2004)

    A Remarkable Encounter - Ben Kreilkamp (2002)

    The Coordination of Bliss - Babette Lightner (2002)

    Losing Weight - Eillen Sellam (2001)

    A Basic Fact and a Fundamental Question - David Gorman (2000)

    Failure is Hard, but Learning is Easy - David Gorman (2000)

    On Auditioning - Ann Penistan (2000)

    On the Virtues - David Gorman (1999)

    Working with a Violinist - David Gorman (1998)

    On Belief Systems and Learning - David Gorman (1998)

    Conquering the Fear of Heights - Eillen Sellam (1998)

    The Rounder We Go, The Stucker We Get - David Gorman (1996)

    The Primary Control - David Gorman (1989) 
        Now part of the e-book - Looking At Ourselves, and also In Our Own Image

    On Fitness - David Gorman (1989)

    Thinking About Thinking About Ourselves - David Gorman (1984) 

Recorder  Recordings - Audio and Video       (more coming soon ...)

Audio Recordings:

   Liberating Performers
        Escaping the Trap of Nervousness, Self-judgment and Fear
        - by David Gorman (2008-2009)   Downloadable audio recordings in MP3 format, ~20 hours

   Standing on Top of the World
        Experiencing the Fundamental Freedom of Support & Balance
        - by David Gorman (2009)   Downloadable audio recordings in MP3 format, ~25 hours

   Sounds of Provence – Day & Night   Special Treat
        The quintessential sounds of the hot dry summers in Provence - the cigales (cicadas)
        by day and the crickets by night (with bonus recording of thunderstorm and rain)

        recorded by David Gorman (2004)   Normal audio CD - 1 CD, 71 minutes

Video Recordings:  

   Standing on Top of the World / On Balance and Support
        Introduction to a demonstration series on the principles of balance and support
        - by David Gorman (2011)   Downloadable MP4 video - 84 minutes

   Anatomy of Wholeness  Now available as an online interactive course
        A workshop on our elastically-sprung, naturally whole and free human system
        — by David Gorman (2015)   Streaming video course - approx. 26 hours


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