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  Your Personal Privacy


Your Personal Privacy

We take the issue of privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Any personal details you give us via forms, e-mails, purchases, or registrations for workshops/classes from this site will be kept strictly private.

We will never sell, trade, give or otherwise hand out these details to any other site, company or organization.

Your contact information will only be used in relation to the LearningMethods and/or Anatomy of Wholeness work, that is, you may be contacted in future about coming events, workshops, new publications, etc. concerning the work which we think you may be interested in.

You can opt-out of receiving these mailings at any time by sending an e-mail to privacy@learningmethods.com asking to be removed from the list. Please state if you wish to be completely removed or if you wish to receive information about some things but not others.

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