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Contents and design of this web site are copyright 1998 to present by David Gorman (except where otherwise noted). All rights reserved worldwide.

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Permission is granted to electronically download the text of the articles (only those whose links are listed on the "LMArticle.htm" page) for personal use only but for no other purpose whatsoever.

Site creator, David Gorman, reserves all rights including but not limited to the design, text, images or anything whatsoever on this site not owned, or controlled on behalf of the rightful copyright owners as determined at the the sole discretion of David Gorman.


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The names: "LearningMethods", "LearningMethods Online", "Anatomy of Wholeness", "Patterns of Being", "The Body Moveable", "Standing on Top of the World" are all trademarks of David Gorman which may be registered in some jurisdictions.

The following logos are all trademarks of David Gorman which may be registered in some jurisdictions:

1. LearningMethods logo (see to the right, top), overlaid with any words, e.g.: "LearningMethods", "LearningMethods Publications", "LearningMethods Workshops";

2. LearningMethods Online logo (see to the right, middle);

3. "Rising Skeletons" logo (see to the right, bottom), accompanied with any words, e.g. "Patterns of Being", "Anatomy of Wholeness" .

David Gorman gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Babette Lightner,
a talented LearningMethods and Alexander Technique teacher, who originally developed the name "Anatomy of Wholeness".


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These Trademarks have been licensed to other certificated teachers of the LearningMethods and Anatomy of Wholeness (Patterns of Being) work.


What the lawyers wanted:
David Gorman as the "Site Owner" provides this web site and any associated sites that may be established in the future and the contents of this or any other site controlled by the site owner on an "AS IS" basis. The Site Owner makes no WARRANTIES or REPRESENTATIONS of any kind about any site of the Site Owner and hereby DISCLAIMS all such REPRESENTATIONS and WARRANTIES, including but not limited to any WARRANTIES implied or otherwise in relation to any procedure that may be undertaken as a result of viewing any materials or recommendations as to health and fitness made and recommended in any materials on any site controlled by the Site Owner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Site Owner does not REPRESENT or WARRANT that any INFORMATION accessible via this site is accurate, complete or current. Prices and availability of any item, courses or information is subject to change without notice.


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