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  LearningMethods Payment Pages

Paying for LearningMethods Online groups

You can pay the fees for LearningMethods Online groups using
any major credit card via our secure servers (powered by PayPal).
You can also pay directly from a PayPal account if you have one,
though you do not need to join PayPal to pay with a credit card.

ONLINE payments
Read carefully BEFORE clicking on a button:

Steps to make a payment:

1. Click on appropriate payment button below (paying for a whole term or paying an instalment),

2. In the first payment page, type in the agreed-upon fee in the "Unit Price" field then click on the "Update Totals" button below, and fill in your credit card or PayPal details.
NOTE: PayPal handles the payment, we do not see any of your card details or personal details.

3. In the final payment form, use the Note field to enter the name of the LMOnline group you are paying for, and the dates your payment is meant to cover.

You will be sent an e-mail receipt when your payment is received and processed.

 Pay for a whole term in Canadian dollars ($ CAD)      

 Pay for an instalment in Canadian dollars ($ CAD)      

 If you are paying direct to a bank account in Euros   or in UK Sterling , use the XE.com currency convertor below to figure the right amount to transfer from your account...

XE.com Live Currency Converter — Instructions:
If you have arranged with David to pay your fees direct to an EU or UK bank account, then you can use the currency convertor below to figure out the correct amount of EU € or UK £ to transfer. This is a live currency convertor and gives the same rates as you will find on the XE.com web site.

To convert from the CA$ fee amounts to your currency just follow these steps:

1. Select the currency you want to exchange into in the third drop-down box below (labelled: "To this currency"). It is pre-selected for Euros, but can be changed to UK£ or any other currency.

2. Type in the CA$ amount you are paying in the first box (e.g. 1050, 375, 300, etc)

3. And click the "GO!" button to the right.

To check again with different amounts or currencies, choose the "Back" link in the results form.

NOTE: Your bank may charge additional fees to transfer funds. You are responsible for paying these fees so that agreed-upon amount arrives in full into the target bank.

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