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Paying your annual LM Teacher (Trademark Licence) fees
(for certificated LearningMethods Teachers)

  This year's fee has been kept at the same rate as last year!

The amount for 2015 (Feb. 1, 2015 to Jan. 31, 2016):
       Due on or before March 21th, 2014:  US $105.00
       ** Late fee: if you pay on or after March 22th 2014 the late fee is US $130.00
     There are 2 ways to pay:
       - on-line by credit card or PayPal via our secure servers,
       - by mailing in a check or money order (details below)

      $ = € Kr     See a live currency converter below for the approximate amount
                           of this fee in other currencies.

CREDIT CARD payments              
You can pay your annual Teacher Licence fee right now via credit card or a PayPal account (this will be in US$ with the website taking care of the conversion from your local currency at the day's rates, or you can also pay by mailing a US bank check.

Paying by credit card / PayPal:

  1. Pay the annual fee in one of these categories:

      a)  A single payment for one year: US $105.00    
      Use this ONLY if paying ON or BEFORE March 21st, 2015

      b)  Late payment for one year:  US $130.00         
      Use this only if paying ON or AFTER March 22nd, 2015

      c)  Reinstating a lapsed Licence:     US $130.00   
         (runs one year starting from February 1st of the current
         year until the coming January 31st and begins a new
         2-year Licence cycle before re-assessment)

  2. Pay a partial year fee (newly-certificated Teachers only):

     d)  Pay for part of a year until the next Feb. 1st
     **  only for newly certificated teachers
         Click on button, enter agreed amount in US$

CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER Payments by mail:

You can also pay by the following means:

      — by a normal US bank cheque or
      — by certified check, international draft or money order made out in US $
           drawn on a US Bank.

     ** Make sure your cheque/money order is made payable to: David Gorman

Follow the steps below, choosing either options a, b, or c below:

Step 1.  Amounts to send:

  a)  For a normal 1 year subscription (paid ON or BEFORE March 21th 2014)
       send US$ check/money order for US $105.00

  b)  For a late payment (paid ON or AFTER March 22th 2014)
       send CA$ check/money order for US$ 130.00

  c)  To reinstate a lapsed Licence (1 year starting last Feb 1st)
       send CA$ check/money order for US$ 130.00

  d)  For a new teacher paying their first partial year fee
       send US$ check/money order in the agreed upon amount

Step 2. Mail it with an explanatory note with your name and address to:

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)

** Make sure your check/money order is made payable to:  David Gorman

Voila ! C'est tout.

Currency Converter Instructions:
To see what these amounts equal in your native currency just select the type of currency you want to exchange into in the third drop-down box below (labelled: "To this currency") and click the "GO!" button to the right. The form is pre-loaded with the normal fee amount, but you can change it by typing in a new amount (e.g. with the $130 late fee) in the 1st box. To check a second time with different amounts or currencies, choose the "Back" link in the results form.

NOTE: You cannot pay the fee in these currencies, but at least you will know approximately what the fee equals in your own currency at today's live exchange rates (courtesy of XE.com). ** The exchange rate offered by your card company or by PayPal may be slightly different.

    Telephone: +1 416-519-5470      78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, ON  M9P 1V7  Canada  (map)

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