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  Maps and Travel details Kadermo / Hanko, Finland workshop
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1. Midnight Sun Yoga Retreat

    Held at: The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat,
                 Kadermo, 10900 Hanko, Finland

MAPS & DIRECTIONS:    Use the live map immediately below (with controls to zoom, pan, etc.).
The satellite map zoomed in to the maximum will also be helpful.

         Live Google Map with locations of where the workshop will be held (see the red marker in the map
       below - if balloon is not showing, click on red marker below) zoom in to see more
       precise location and use hybrid/satellite view to see aerial photos of the actual building.

ControlsHIDE or SHOW the large address bubble by clicking on the red marker
                ZOOM IN: double-click or (+) button, ZOOM OUT: () button, or use slider
                MOVE the map with the arrow buttons in the upper left, or drag with mouse
                SWITCH VIEWS in upper right - hybrid view will show best view of building.


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