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Web Sites of other LearningMethods Teachers:

Alexander Technique:

If you wish to follow up the references to the Alexander Technique, the following pages have lots of information and links that will satisfy all needs:

Alexander Technique International (ATI)
The worldwide professional body for the Alexander Technique with on-line library of over 60 articles on the Technique, info about the AT work, world-wide teachers list and lots of further links.

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
A comprehensive guide to most of the on-line resources about the Alexander Technique including articles and many links.

Direction Journal
The on-line home of the Alexander Technique's most popular journal. Also lots of articles and other Alexander resources.

Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge — Tommy Thompson
This is a site for the Cambridge, USA Alexander Center, with lots of articles, details about training as an Alexander Teacher and more.

Body Mapping — Barbara Conable
The web site of an Alexander teacher who works with a lot of performers. The body mapping work is a fascinating process to help people discover and make more accurate their ideas and practice of how they function.

Belinda Mello
The web site of an Alexander Technique from New York, USA who works with actors and performers on movement, posture, poise and breath.

Andrea Matthews
The web site of a singer, voice teacher and Alexander Technique teacher from Boston - with articles on voice and the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique Brighton — Mark Claireaux
The site of an Alexander Technique teacher in Brighton who specializes in helping back pain sufferers.

AlexanderWorks — Philip Pawley
How the Alexander Technique can help with posture-related diseases such as back pain, arthritis and asthma.

Alexander Technique Books — Peter Brunner and Gabrielle Breuninger
Massive collection of books on the Alexander Technique for sale

Other sites of Interest:

Here is a list of links to sites about other interesting and valuable work:

The VoiceCare Network - Helping voice teachers, singers and choral conductors
The VoiceCare Network is for voice teachers, choral conductors, professional singers, music education teachers, and anyone who is interested in their own vocal health, and how the voice works (and why it does not work occasionally).

Health-related directories:

Here is a list of links to sites featuring quality health-related resources, articles, information and lots more links

Health On the Net Foundation
Guides lay persons and non-medical users and medical practitioners to useful and reliable online medical and health information. Provides leadership in setting ethical standards for Web site developers.

BBC Health
Features current news plus archives, guides by subject, "Ask a Doctor" inquiry feature, a searchable conditions database, message board, and e-mail newsletter subscription.

Features current health news, columnists, health association news, and a searchable database called "Disease in Depth" for more information about any particular disease or condition.

Comprehensive health resources for consumers, physicians, nurses, and educators. Includes news, chat forums, health quizzes and consumer product updates.

Natural Herbs Guide
NaturalHerbsGuide.com is a non-commercial website offering a wealth of useful, evidence-based information on natural herbs - a well-designed and thorough site.

Herbal Resources: Guide to Alternative Medicine
A primer on alternative medicine (thanks to Brittney for finding this link)


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