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    LearningMethods Sessions
     (In-person, Online, or by Telephone)

Below is the complete text of my Policy for Sessions.
Last updated 25 January 2021


Policy for LearningMethods Sessions

It is always best to be clear from the beginning about practical details, so below is my policy about how LearningMethods sessions work, about fees, cancellation, and so on.

Who can Benefit    |    Confidentiality    |    Student-Teacher Expectations
Scheduling Sessions    |    Fees and Session Length    |    Starting the Session
Cancellation and Re-scheduling    |    Being on Time    |    Recording the Session

Who Can Benefit

LearningMethods is usually helpful for any sort of problem you may experience, from physical pain, tension, or stress to anxiety, panic, or phobias to compulsive habits like smoking, over-eating or over-spending, to stage fright or other performance issues, to relationship conflicts, difficulty raising children, abuse or self-esteem issues, to learning blocks, and more.

You will benefit greatly from the LearningMethods work if you want to learn how to solve your own problems, to understand the way your thinking and emotions work, and to learn a set of practical tools to explore and discover how to navigate successfully through your life.

If, after a course of sessions, I cannot help you directly, I will be glad to refer you to another teacher or someone who works with a different method who may be able to help you.


As with any LearningMethods session, confidentiality and trust is very important. It is your session, so you are free to tell anyone you like about what happens, but be assured that on my side I will keep everything we say and do in the strictest confidentiality.

Student Teacher Expectations

The first session begins with a short period where you can ask any questions about this policy and we will discuss why you have come and what are your goals for the sessions (if we have not already done that in an initial talk or e-mail exchange). I will also ask you if you want a recording made of the session (there is no charge for this).

When you have a session, your feelings of privacy are always respected. You are free to bring up any issue you wish and also free to stop at any time or to refrain from answering any question if you'd rather not.

During a session you are encouraged to stay in touch with your responses and inform me if anything makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, either physically or emotionally. If anything like this happens, please speak up immediately. I want to know as soon as possible.

If the issue you bring up is full of emotion, you will have whatever time you need to go through any strong feelings. Usually this does not take long, but remember, the sessions are for you and you are in the driver's seat.

Scheduling Sessions

Once you decide to go ahead and book one or more LearningMethods sessions, we will communicate to schedule a mutually workable day and time.

You are in control of the length of the session. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, each session will normally be at least 1 hour, but you can extend that time if you wish to keep exploring (assuming that I have free time in my schedule).

If I choose to extend the session so we can finish something we are in the middle of there will be no extra charge for the extended time.

If at some point you wanted to schedule ongoing sessions for a while to work through an issue or series of issues, we can arrange a regular slot, that is, the same day and time each week or every other week, etc.

Fees and Session Length

My fee for distance sessions is an hourly rate (currently US$ 124 per hour, though this may change without notice). The hourly rate will be pro-rated to the nearest quarter-hour. That is, US$ 124 for one hour, US$ 155 after the session lasts 1¼ hours, US$ 186 after the session lasts 1½ hours, and so on.

Fees must be paid directly after the session. The easiest way to pay is online via the LearningMethods web site at this address: www.learningmethods.com/fees-session.htm

Payment online is through secure encrypted servers. You can fund your payment from any major credit card, some debit cards, via PayPal if you are a member. If you are outside the USA, your credit card statement will show the amount in your local currency after conversion from US dollars. If you are in Canada, GST or HST at the rate applicable in your province will be added to the fee.

Starting the Session

Normally, I will set uyp a scheduled Zoom session which you can join at the appointed time. If we use telephone or Skype, I will call you at the appointed time at the prearranged Skype address or phone number.

Cancellation and Re-scheduling

Cancellation: Once the day and time of the session is set up and agreed, my policy is that you can freely cancel or reschedule any time UP TO 48 HOURS before the session, but if you cancel WITHIN the 48 hours before the session you will still need to pay for the session. The 48 hours is longer than normal for in-person sessions, but takes into account the difficulties of reaching each other internationally across different time zones as well as the erratic delivery of e-mail, delays due to answer machine tag, etc., and of course, of me being able to then reach someone else to fill your space at short notice.

Re-scheduling: Up to 24 hours before the scheduled session you can also request to change the day or time of the session with no penalty assuming we can find a mutually workable new time within 2 days of the currently scheduled date. Any changes closer than 24 hours to the scheduled session time will usually not be possible.

Punctuality, and other policies

At the scheduled time for the session I will call you or be available at the prearranged number for you to call me. If, for any last minute reason, I am not able to be there for the session (that is, if missing the session is my fault), we will re-schedule a new session which will be free of charge to you.

It is your responsibility also to be available at the appointed time for the session. If you are not, you will still be charged for the session. If you are late, the session fee will still run from the appointed start time and we may need to end the session at the appointed time even if this means the session ends up being shorter than the appointed time (this depends on my schedule and whether I have free time to extend the session).

Recording the Sessions

It is often very valuable for you to be able to listen again to the session afterwards when you have a little more perspective and wish to recall all the detail and richness of the unfolding dialog and the progression of learning. Therefore, as part of the session fee, I can make an audio recording in MP3 or M4A format which will be available to you within a day or so after the session to download from a private address on my website.

It is entirely up to you whether or not a recording is made of the session, so feel free to decline if you do not wish to receive a recording (please mention this as the session starts). You can also change your mind at any time and stop a recording or request that an existing recording be erased. I'll be happy to comply with your wishes.

You are also free to audio-record the session yourself to your computer or other recording device for your own use — as long as you agree to not make copies or to distribute it in any form to others.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)