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       Modular Learning Program

  Post-graduate Program Level

Level 4.   Post-graduate Development
  — On-going Learning for LM Teachers

The first of these professional development courses began in September of 2011. It is limited to 5-6 people, but can be repeated for others when we have a new group.

Other Professional Development (post-graduate) courses will be developed over time and added to the list below.

These courses are open to LearningMethods Teachers (and on occasion to LearningMethods Apprentice-Teachers). See each course description for course details and admissibility criteria.



Course 1.  In-depth Anatomy of Wholeness

14 weekly sessions — September to December 2011
Open to LearningMethods Teachers and Apprentice-Teachers
(max. 5-6 participants)

Who is it for?

All LearningMethods Teachers and Apprentices have already had some "human structure and function", either in various workshops over the years or as part of training. This course is to take things further and help you to:

— give confident and detailed answers in teaching situations when challenging questions come up...

— know what other practitioners are talking about when they delve into anatomy and physiology, and know how to reframe the discussion in a direction that reflects our work...

— show your credibility and authority of knowledge to suggest a different path for a student who has a injury or problem and their doctor/physiotherapist has recommended an exercise or treatment

— be able to teach a workshop or series of practical and experiential classes on how people can use themselves in daily life with more ease and freedom...

— be clearer exactly what is going on under the surface when you're teaching and you see functioning that you know is strained or less than whole, or you hear someone describe a less-then optimal functioning but are not sure what exactly is the problem...

— have more knowledge and specific details about your own issues when certain symptoms or experiences happen to you...

There are more specific details of exactly what we will cover below...

What is it?

This is an online course for LM Teachers and experienced Apprentice-Teachers who want to take a detailed look at the structure of how we are built... how we function when everything is working well... and what happens when things go wrong (and what to do about it)...

I will lead this in a systematic and thorough way that will recap some of what we have already done, then go beyond to deepen your knowledge, to help you apply it to your teaching, and yourself.

Along with my presentations, of course, you will have lots of opportunities for your own questions, to steer the material into your areas of interest, and to take things away to practice and experiment with (for yourself and/or in your teaching over the days in between the sessions).

The format will use the live video sessions of WebEx that have been so successful for my other LMOnline groups. This allows us to see everyone at once, to use a whiteboard for drawing and notes, as well as a cool new I have just been developing to use multi-layered illustrations to peel back layers and show what goes on inside us step-by-step in beautiful detail (using the illustrations I am preparing for my new book).

How is the course structured?

Participation is limited to a maximum of 5-6 people.

The course will run for one term, with a live 2-hour video session each week over approximately 14 weeks. We will start early in September and go until the end of the year. Depending on what we have accomplished and what we still want to get into, the course may be extended for further weeks.

The live sessions will take place on the same day and time each week, so we need to find a mutually workable day and time that suits each member. Because we may have members from both North America and Europe, I suggest a timing that falls in the morning for those in North America and in the afternoon for those in Europe who are 5-6 hours later. As to which day the new group will be scheduled for... I currently have other groups on Friday and Sunday mornings, so perhaps a Monday or other weekday... dates to be decided among the participants.

All the live sessions will be recorded in video and audio, and course members will have their own private dedicated web site (like my other LMOnline groups) where all the live sessions are archived for download and further study. There will also be an e-mail discussion list for questions and sharing thoughts and discoveries in the days between our live sessions.

What are the fees?

The fees will be the same as my other online groups — currently CA$ 75.00 per weekly session (approximately US$ 76, EU €52, UK 46, SEK 480).

Participants must commit to, and pay for, the whole 14-week course (I cannot make it work if people drift in and out), but you can pay either all at once or in three instalments.

As usual, I am open to discussing fees if you really want to be part of this but are not in a position to pay it all at once.

How to register

With only 5-6 spaces available and a few people already eager to start, registration will be first-come-first-served for the remaining places.

If you are interested in joining this group get in touch with me right away at ...

Detailed content of the course

— The core is our Coordinating System - that innate wholeness and integration that takes care of the organizing details when we can be clear what we want and got out of the way to allow the system to organize it for us...

— Allied with this and overlapping is the Suspension System - the pre-sprung elastic web of support that gives us poise and freedom as well as effortless movement. How this applies not just to our main uprightness, but also the arms/shoulders, the chest, the organs and breathing...

— And, of course, the Adaptive System - allowing us to change and respond to our activities, what we do and how we do it. This includes adaptations of strength, range, flexibility and endurance - not just how it all works but the common misunderstandings in sport, fitness, performance and health regimes...

— A detailed look at the Movement System - the givens of our structure: the main bones and joints, their ranges and limitations, their ligaments. The main muscles and the dynamics of movement in each area (the foot, the knee, the hip and pelvis, the lower back and the disks, the spine and neck, the ribs and breathing, the head, jaw and throat, the voice and singing.

— And always, coming back to the larger, overall Patterns of Wholeness - of how you the conscious, choosing, thinking, intending (and sometimes reacting) person is built to function... and how we all-too-often get in the way and interfere

— Lots of experiential exploring and practical activities, so that when you work with someone you know from their descriptions what structures they are talking about, and when you look at or feel their bodies or their movement you know what you are touching and seeing...

— Understanding the common complaints and problems people come to us with (back problems, knee and hip problems, foot pain, running problems, shoulder problems, repetitive strain injury, neck pain, tension, sports or exercise injuries, performance injuries, vocal problems, and other chronic "medical" issues, etc.).

— And, I am sure, a lot more that I have forgotten to add here...

There is no end to what we could get into, but it will be you and your interests that will ultimately drive the direction and depth we do get into...

How to register

With only 5-6 spaces available and a few people already eager to start, registration will be first-come-first-served for the remaining places.

If you are interested in joining this group get in touch with me right away at

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)