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Learn how to explore and solve your problems

LearningMethods is an educational process teaching you how to explore, understand and solve the problems and issues of your life and work. It teaches you how to ask the right questions about your experiences, how to call into question unexamined ideas and beliefs, and how to integrate change into your life. What you will learn is intensely practical and grounded in real life, but you'll also gain profound new understandings of yourself and the people around you.


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Modular Learning logoLearningMethods Modular Training
(including Anatomy of Wholeness and Alexander Technique)
This multifaceted training has different modules you to suit your situation — online distance learning, local in-person groups, intensive periodic workshops.
LearningMethods OnlineTM, the distance learning component has already begun and more groups will be added soon. More details here...

In progress:  A new book by David Gorman —  On our human structure and function from the point of view of you, the whole thinking, feeling being. Selected parts available soon in downloadable e-book format. 
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LearningMethods by phone:   Can't make it to a private class or upcoming workshop?  Want to keep up your work between workshops?    You can do a LearningMethods session online by Skype or by phone with David or other LearningMethods teacher.

Exploratorium : Make Life Easier:
Periodic tips by Babette Lightner on how to apply all this learning to your daily life.

New Recording available
Are you suffering from stage fright, nervousness or self-judgment? Want to get rid of it for ever?  You can – quicker and easier than you thought. Liberating Performers will show you how.

Recent Articles
Patterns of Joy
How your internal Response System coordinates you and helps you navigate towards Joy  (Jan 2016)
I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found 
An essay about those yummy experiences of "optimal functioning" and what your system is really trying to show you.  (Feb 2014)


The goal of LearningMethods is to teach you the tools of learning and change
so you no longer need a teacher and so you can help others...

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