We already have within us what we need
to solve our problems and transform our lives...

We just have to learn to use it !

This is where LearningMethods comes in...   

Directions for printing PDF files

Steps to print from Adobe Acrobat:

1. Choose "Page Setup" from the "File" menu and select
     the correct "Paper Size"  from the drop-down list (e.g.
     A4 size for Europe or 8.5" X 11" for N. America) and
     then click on "OK".

2. Choose "Print" from the File menu and make sure the
    "Fit to Page" box is checked. The other boxes in the
     same area should be unchecked.

3. Make sure your printer is on and has a sufficient amount
    of the correct paper loaded, then click on OK. That's it.


Print one of these files now:

Teacher / Apprentice Agreements:
1.    LM Teacher Trademark Licence
2.    Policy for LM Apprenticeship Training
3.    Policy for Supervised Teaching

Audio/Visual Licences:
4.    End-User Licence Agreement
5.    Professional Licence Agreement
6.    Recordings Release Form - fill-in version
7.    Recordings Release Form - plain version

Ethics and Conduct Material:
8.    The LM Code of Conduct (1 page)
9.    Ethics - The Teacher-Student Relationship (34 pages)
10.  Ethics - Working with Survivors of Abuse (28 pages)

Support Material:
11.  Where the LM work is taught (2 pages)
12.  Where the LM work is taught--French (2 pages)
13.  Where LM Teachers have taught (2 pages)
14.  Articles - Lena Jonhäll stipend (1 page)
15.  Articles - Ben Kreilkamp - Phoenix article (2 pages)

16.  The AlexTech Debate (82 pages)