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  Maps and Travel details for workshops

Stockholm, Sweden
  LearningMethods workshop: 18-22 October 2008

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Held at Wergelandsgatan 30, 2 tr,  S-168 48  Bromma   (nearest T-bana station is Blackeberg)

You may want to bring a clipboard, paper and coloured pens for notes. Audio or video recording by participants is not permitted, though an audio recording may be available for purchase by participants after the workshop.

There will be one hour for lunch. We can direct you to nearby shops and restaurants or you can bring a bag lunch/thermos etc.

If you get lost or need to contact us the day of the workshop ring Bodil Rummelhoff: 08-687-0248, mobile: 073-679-4843.

MAPS & DIRECTIONS:    1. Use the live map immediately below (with controls to zoom, pan, etc.),
                                  2. see 2 fixed maps of the subway and street location
                                  3. Get personalized written directions and route map,
                                  4. Get maps and details of airport buses to town.                                  

Live Google Map with location of where the workshop will be held (red marker below) – zoom in
or out to locate yourself and use map view for streets or hybrid view to see aerial photos.

ControlsHIDE or SHOW the large address bubble by clicking on the red marker
                ZOOM IN: double-click or (+) button, ZOOM OUT: (–) button, or use slider
                MOVE the map with the arrow buttons in the upper left, or drag with mouse
                SWITCH VIEWS in upper right - hybrid view will show best view of building.

If coming by T-bana exit the train and leave the platform at the eastern end (back of the train if you travelled from the town centre), come up into the station and take the Ibsengatan exit to the street. You'll be coming out onto the street in the map below just where the work "Ibsengatan" is below the T-bana symbol (see fixed map below for details).


Fixed Maps: The workshop is easy to get to. The 2 maps below guide you from a map of the metro (T-bana) system to the short walk to the workshop building.

1. Below: Partial map of the Stockholm city T-bana (subway) system
showing Blackeberg Station on the left (with T-Centralen on the right):


2. Below: Map of the short walk from the T-bana station to the workshop location


Get Personalized Directions:  Get written directions along with a driving/subway map from your place
to the workshop — just enter full address below (e.g. Schlytersvägen 53, S-126 50, Hägersten) and press "Go"


Getting from / to the Airports:  (Arlanda and Skavsta)

Arlanda airport: (the main international airport) — there are buses every 10 minutes to and from the centre of town (Stockholm City) and the subway system (T-bana). The bus stop for the Flygbussarna is right at the entrance/exit to the main terminals.

From Arlanda, take the bus to St: Eriksplan subway stop (just before Stockholm City) and get on the subway there on the Green Line to Blackeberg Station — direction towards Hässelby Strand (see subway map above)

Skavsta airport: (Ryanair, etc.) — there are buses between Skavsta and the centre of town (Stockholm City) usually scheduled for each flight arrival/departure. At Stockholm City, follow signs to the T-bana (subway system = ) in the T-Centralen station and get on the Green Line subway to Blackeberg Station — direction towards Hässelby Strand (see map below)


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