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Sounds of Provence — Day & Night:
The quintessential sounds of the hot Provenšal summer

An audio recording by David Gorman

1 Audio CD   (71 minutes listening time)
ISBN 978-1-903518-36-6             (LM order #: A0002-CIG-EN)

This is a normal audio CD playable in any CD player or computer

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Ordering the CD:
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What is it?
This audio CD captures those beloved sounds of the Provenšal summer – the "zzz-zzz zzz-zzz" of the cigales (cicadas) in the hot lazy afternoons and the peaceful chirping of crickets in the cool, star-filled evenings (plus bonus track of a summer thunderstorm and rain). Recorded live in the woods outside our home in the countryside near Avignon.

If you have spent time in Provence, this will bring it all back to you, if you haven't, you can put this CD on, turn the heat up, pour a glass of rosÚ, and indulge your imagination...

What does the CD contain?

(total time: 70 minutes, 43 seconds):

  01 - Cigales (Cicadas)
  02 - Grillons (Crickets)
  03 - Orage et Pluie (Thunderstorm and Rain)

39 minutes, 17 seconds
20 minutes, 22 seconds
11 minutes, 04 seconds


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