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LearningMethods Sessions with David Gorman – Current call fees


Phone call charges for LM phone sessions (Skype calls are free):

Normally, you are responsible for phoning me for the session, but depending on your
phone plan it may be cheaper for me to call you for the session, especially if you live
in the USA or Canada where I can call you for free.

— If we set things up so that I call you, the phone charges below (if any) will simply
be added to the session fee amount when you pay.

— These phone rates are only applicable when I am at home. If the session takes
place when I am travelling to teach elsewhere then you will have to call me.

Phone charges  — if I call you...
and you live in:      the call cost per 60 min. session will be:
  US $ Canada $ EU € UK
Australia     $3.50    
Austria     $3.50    
Canada     FREE    
France     $3.50 € 2.50  
Ireland     $3.50 € 2.50  
Norway     $6.50 € 6.50  
Sweden     $3.50    
Taiwan     $3.50    
UK     $3.50   2.00
USA   FREE      
         ** if your country is missing from this list, ask us for details…  

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If you have any questions about doing a LearningMethods session by phone or to arrange a session, contact David by e-mail or phone (see below).

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)