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In Our Own Image –
an 8-part series)

Looking at
Ourselves – a book
with 17 articles

A Basic Fact and a

Losing Weight

Working with a

Good for Whom?

Beyond the Body

A Remarkable

The Rounder We Go,
The Stucker We Get

On Auditioning

Coordination of
Being – Conducting

Conquering the
Fear of Heights

On the Virtues

Coordination of

Failure is Hard, but
Learning is Easy

On Fitness

Thinking About
Thinking About

On Belief Systems
and Learning

New Articles:
'Good For Whom?
Stage-fright, self-judgment and what others think are not always what they seem. Elizabeth Garren writes about how she got in touch with the value of her own evaluations (also as an e-book).

'Beyond The Body'
What's beyond the body? It's not the emotions or the spirit. It's you! The whole you. Babette describes the insights and experiences that opened her up to a new understanding and a new work (also as an e-book).

LearningMethods workshops
scheduled for autumn/winter:

Oberlin, OH, USA
(Sep 26-28)
Patterns of Being

University College of Dance,
Stockholm (Oct 8-19)

Stockholm, Sweden
(Oct. 13-14)
The Head Leads

Minneapolis, MN
(Nov. 10-13)
The Head Leads

Milwaukee, WI
(Nov. 17-18)
U. of Wisconsin

Tokyo Japan: (Apr 26-May 5 08)
     Details coming soon -

LearningMethods by phone: Can't make it to a private class or upcoming workshop?  Want to keep up your work between workshops? You can do a LearningMethods session by phone with David or other LearningMethods teacher...

Audio and Video Recordings are now available with more on the way (for details see the Publications page...) Includes a special disc: 'Sounds of a Provence Summer – Day & Night'

In progress:  A new book by David Gorman a look at our human structure and function from the point of view of the whole thinking, feeling being — includes a full exploration of his revolutionary and profound discovery of 'the elastically-sprung suspension system'...

Selected parts will hopefully be available soon in downloadable e-book format — Stay tuned...

Welcome to LearningMethods

We are the most amazing learning creatures
on the planet
.  We have a wonderful in-built intelligence, an exquisitely sensitive awareness and a wealth of experience...
Yet we still suffer from so many chronic and completely unnecessary problems.    Why? 
And what can we do to change?

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What is LearningMethods??
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Upcoming Workshops
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   – List of qualified LM teachers and apprentice-teachers

Quotes and Testimonials
   – Read people's comments on how the work has helped them

On-line Library of Articles and eBooks
   – Articles on the work and how it solved various problems

LM Store — Publications / Recordings
   – Order books, articles, recordings by Gorman and others
including The Body Moveable, an illustrated 600-page text
        on our human musculo-skeletal structure & function.

Training as an LM Teacher
   – What is involved in becoming a teacher of the LM work

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'Learning would take place
if there were no teachers,
just as healing and growing
would go on if there were no
physicians or farmers.'

Mortimer J. Adler,
Reforming Education

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