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Welcome to LearningMethods

We are the most amazing learning creatures on the planet.
We have a wonderful in-built intelligence, an exquisitely sensitive awareness and a wealth of experience. Yet we still suffer from so many chronic and completely unnecessary problems.    Why?

Because only a few people have learned how to use this heritage of sensitivity and intelligence in order to understand and solve their problems.    How do I know this?

I see it every day in my teaching, not just at home but all over the world. Once people learn the simple yet incredibly powerful tools of how to unravel what's happening to them, they can change far more easily and quickly than they dreamed possible.     How can this happen?

Because everything we need is already within us... it's just that most of us simply don't know yet how to use it.

LearningMethods teaches you the set of tools to:
  find your way back to your natural wholeness;
  be more present and free of tension and effort;
  be more effective and stress-free at work,
  easily acquire more skill at artistic or athletic performance,
  be at ease & open socially and in communicating with others.

In fact, the tools for solving any problem that's solvable...

This is not a far-off dream. It is in your very nature to learn, to know yourself better and to navigate your life successfully. It is your birthright to gain wisdom about life and feel at home in the universe. And there is no time like the present to start !

                        David Gorman, founder of LearningMethods

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        on our human musculo-skeletal structure & function.

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