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LearningMethods Code of Professional Conduct

This is the Code of Professional Conduct that all certificated LearningMethods Teachers must sign and agree to uphold in their practice as teachers. (See text version on this page below download links.)

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Code of Professional Conduct

Qualified LearningMethods Teachers have been certificated by David Gorman and
are licensed to use the LearningMethods and Patterns of Being/Anatomy of Wholeness
names and logos. This document ratified on November 22, 1999 with minor editing
changes on February 29, 2004, February 16, 2007 and 8 December 2014.

This Code of Professional Conduct sets forth ethical principles for LearningMethods Teachers. All qualified LearningMethods Teachers subscribe to this Code of Professional Conduct.

Any complaints or notification of any breaches in the code should be made to the main office of LearningMethods (current address and phone number are always available at www.learningmethods.com/LMTeach.htm, or e-mail:


The LearningMethods teacher (the teacher) respects the rights, dignity and differences of all individuals he or she interacts with.

a) Students of LearningMethods have the right to choose the persons with whom they study.

The teacher will strictly respect a student’s right to confidentiality in a session and the teacher will inform all participants of classes or workshops of the importance of maintaining confidentiality about all that transpires in the group and gain their consent to do so and,

a) Confidential information will not be released to any third party without the consent of the student except in the case of b) below.

b) It is recognized that it is helpful for all concerned that the teacher is able to seek professional advice and support from a more senior LearningMethods teacher who is acting as his or her supervisor. Therefore the teacher may share with his or her supervisor the minimum of confidential information necessary to obtain help, and in every case the supervisor will also be bound to respect this confidentiality.

Ethical principles and the well-being of students shall take precedence over business concerns at all times.


While the improvement of an individual's understanding and ability to choose and respond in their daily lives may produce effects that are beneficial and therapeutic, the teacher will recognize that the LearningMethods work is an educational process and so inform all students and,

a) Encourage all students reporting medical conditions to seek professional medical assistance if they have not already done so.

The teacher will continue to further his or her knowledge and skill in LearningMethods through research and professional interactions such as symposia, workshops, and publications.

The teacher will maintain and promote high standards in presenting the LearningMethods work and,

In the presentation of ideas and processes the teacher will clearly identify material that comes from disciplines other than LearningMethods and, where possible, seek the consent of the student to use any other such method or discipline.


The teacher will provide accurate information to the public and his or her students about the services he or she provides and the fees for such services and,

a) Before any session, reach agreement with the student(s) on such practical details as fees, length of session, cancellation and confidentiality policy, etc.


I agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct



Teacher’s Name:


Teacher's Signature:




It is very important that we have your feedback about this Code. It will only be as good as it serves the purpose of protecting students, teachers and the work. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or concerns about the Code, please let us know at

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)