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Registering for workshops in Stockholm, Sweden

LearningMethods Open
October 18 - 22, 2008


1. Full-time (all 5 days):
You must pay either the 2400 Skr deposit or the full fee of 5000 Skr at the time of registration.

2. Part-time (1-4 days):
The part-time fee is 1100 Skr per day. All part-time days must be paid at registration.
Choose the payment button that corresponds to the number of days you will attend. In the "Note" space on the final order form page state which days you will attend (e.g. "I'll attend Nov. 8, 9, 10").

4. Pay specific amount
For a concession, payment of an installment or balance, an agreed upon payment, etc. 
** In the final payment form page add a note with the payment amount and what it covers.


Choose payment by credit card or PayPal:  
You can securely pay a deposit or the full fee for these workshops right now using a major credit card or your PayPal account. In the 2nd payment page, choose:
—  to use PayPal: see the "Log in to
     PayPal box
—  to pay with a credit card: use the 
     "Continue" link where you see this
        Don't have a PayPal account?
          Use your credit card or bank account
          (where available). Continue

Choose which payment to make:

Full-time: choose the full fee (item 1)
    to pay the full fee or a deposit.

Full-time student: choose the Student
(item 2) to pay the full
    discounted fee or a deposit.

Part-time attendance: pay by-the-day
    (item 3).

Pay specific amount: if you have a
    concession, are paying balances or
    further installments (item 4). The form
    will ask you for your contact address.
    Use the note field to add your phone and
    dates attending (if part time)

Registering for several workshops?  Or for several people?

These pages operate with a shopping cart. Click on the first option you want to register for, then use your browser's 'Back" button to return and add more items. You can register more than one person by changing the "Quantity" in the first shopping cart page. Make sure you add a note in the space on the last payment page with each person's name, dates attending, phone numbers, etc. (or send us an e-mail to . You can use the "View Cart" button above to see the cart, to change quantities and to do your final checkout.

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