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Articles on Tensegrity
   by Donald Ingber

The following articles are by Harvard cell biologist Ingber concerning the prevalence of tensegrity as a principle of biological structure from the micro-level of molecules and cells to the macro-level of tissues and whole organisms. Amongst other things, he delves into how the larger scale forces of physical use and misuse can directly affect cell function and gene expression. You can find more at the Ingber Lab website.

These articles are copyright by the author or publisher, I have only gathered them together here and/or formatted them for easy reading and/or printing.  In most cases the original Internet URL is in the document so you can go to the original location.

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Ingber – Collected Articles – Tensegrity.zip -- This zip file contains all of the files listed below.

   1. The Architecture of Life - Scientific American  PDF format

   2. Tensegrity-based Mechanosensing - Macro to Micro  PDF format

   3. Cellular Mechanotransduction  PDF format

   4. Bodywork and Cellular Mechanotransduction  PDF format

   5. The Interface of Developmental Biology & Regenerative Medicine  PDF format

   6. Can Cancer be Reversed by Engineering the Tumor Microenvironment?  PDF format

   7. From Molecular Cell Engineering to Biologically Inspired Engineering  PDF format



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