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Policy for Supervised Teaching

Last updated 05 May 2010

This document is for those who do not want to become formal teachers of the LearningMethods work, but who either:
  — are already teachers in some area and wish to gain further tools for use in their existing
      teaching, or
  — who wish to get practical help with their ability to informally help friends, colleagues
      and others.
That is, it must be signed by those who wish to get help from a qualified LearningMethods Teacher with using the tools and principles of the work to help others.

Below is the complete text of the Supervised Teaching Policy.

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Policy for Supervised Teaching

Revised 05 May, 2010

Terms: LearningMethods as used in this document will be assumed to include LearningMethods, Anatomy of Wholeness, and all other aspects of the work (Liberating Performers, Standing on Top of the World, etc.).

Gaining Tools for Teaching and Helping Others

This document is for those who do not necessarily want to become formal teachers of the LearningMethods work, but who either:

— are already teachers in some area and wish to gain further tools for their existing teaching, or

— wish to get practical help with their ability to informally help friends, colleagues and others,

and therefore wish to have supervised help from a qualified LearningMethods Teacher in further understanding and using the tools and principles of teaching this work.

The goal of the LearningMethods work is that people can learn the tools that they need to explore and solve their own issues and to learn how to use those tools to teach and help others, so of course, you are completely free to use what you learn in whatever way you can.

However, once you begin to ask for help with helping others (in other words, supervised teaching practice) a number of issues come up and it is best to be very clear right from the start about all the practical details involved.

One of the main purposes of this document is to clarify that this form of supervised help with teaching does not constitute training to become a LearningMethods Teacher and that only fully-qualified and certificated teachers may claim to be LearningMethods Teachers and use the trade-marked LearningMethods name and logo to describe themselves and their work.

Please read the formal Policy below very carefully and contact me if you have any questions. Your signature below indicates your understanding of and acceptance of these conditions.

Signing this document gives you the following rights and responsibilities:

— You may undertake supervised teaching in workshops or classes (i.e. a LearningMethods Teacher helping you with how to go about teaching outside the class, or helping you to lead pieces of work in the class).

— If at some future time you do decide to enter training to become a Teacher of the LearningMethods work, and if you are formally accepted, any knowledge and skills you have gained up to that point will be recognised and credited towards your training.

— You acknowledge that the LearningMethods and Anatomy of Wholeness names and logos (on the letterhead above) are trademarks of the work and are the legal property of David Gorman (the Anatomy of Wholeness name is the legal property of Babette Lightner and David Gorman).

— You agree that you will not hold yourself out as (call yourself) a teacher of LearningMethods, nor claim that you are teaching the LearningMethods work. You may, however, say something to the effect that you are using some of the tools and principles that you learned from a LearningMethods teacher as long as you are clear that you are not a LearningMethods Teacher nor a LearningMethods Apprentice-Teacher. If you do wish to become a formal LearningMethods Apprentice-Teacher you must agree to the separate LearningMethods Apprentice-Teacher Policy.

— You also agree that you will not use the LearningMethods logos in any form.

— Any violation of the conditions of this document may lead to your exclusion from future workshops or classes and prevent you from any subsequent ability to train to become a certificated LearningMethods Teacher. This is in addition to any liability you may have under international copyright and trademark law.


I wish to receive further supervised teaching help in order to learn more about the tools of teaching and helping others. I have read the above and I understand and accept its conditions.


Name (printed)                                                            Date             ________                        


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