Director / Actor Communication

What colleagues say:

For over twenty years, I have worked with Ann in my various roles as artistic director, director, actor and workshop leader. For theatre artists, her work has consistently been as supportive as it has been imaginative and progressive. Hers is a singularly intelligent, insightful and practical pedagogical talent.
  Duncan McIntosh, Artistic Director Prince Edward Island Conservatory

I had the pleasure of working with Ann at the P.E.I. Conservatory this past summer and found her work both insightful and of great practical value. As opposed to the large number of coaches and teachers who address the symptoms of a performer's problems, Ann has the rare ability to work with the performer from the inside out and to correct the core cause of the problem. We worked together with a young performer this summer named Heather McGuigan and in working with Heather some months later on a workshop, I was struck by how well she was able to apply the concepts that Ann and I had addressed.
  Boko Suzuki/ musical director Rent/Broadway


What professionals and students of the performing arts say:

This has revolutionised my whole way of thinking.
  film producer, director, actor

My lessons from you have stuck with me and act as a confident foundation…. You're impact is a great one!
  First year acting student

Your teaching was very helpful indeed. It was exciting to be working with such a vigorous and intelligent person as you on a project which I now more than ever see as one of the Waves of the Future.
  Buzz Gummere, Teacher, Artist and student of FM and AR Alexander

The workshop was enormously useful to me. Most freeing for me is always that moment when I have interrupted the cycle of a habit...and even if I don't immediately discover the ideal solutions - the sudden appearance of a myriad of different possibilities in approaching a challenge becomes so invigorating. Simply - Thank you and thank you again!

Working with you once again was just fantastic. Having a month of sessions (both private and group oriented) with yourself and LearningMethods™ was an intensive that opened me up to some serious revelation about the way I go about my work as an Actor.

YES, this absolutely is still resonating with me. I have a recital this Saturday and I find the insights I gained at the workshop have really helped me prepare. Instead of hesitating, I am learning how to forge forward and the vocal technique is following smoothly. It has helped me gain control or let's say "lack of control" of my breathing, and I am finding what used to be difficult is no longer.

The tools helped with a situation in preparation for my recital where I was becoming stressed and frustrated with an individual. The idea of looking at what one can change and what one can't in a situation helped me focus on what I could do to help the situation rather than be frustrated with what I expected, and that wasn't happening. It helped me keep my thoughts in perspective. As a result, things will be fine and I do not need to worry.
  Professional singer

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